Dr Jamie Kirkham

 Jamie obtained both his BSc in Applied Statistics (2002), followed by an MSc in Statistics (2003) from Sheffield and PhD (2006) from Lancaster. Jamie’s PhD focused on comparing the effectiveness of trauma care systems in the UK. His PhD research looked at ways in which we can investigate the performance of hospitals in a trauma setting, which not only avoids the spurious ranking of hospitals but also makes an allowance for the additional variability in hospitals with differing numbers of patients and different injury severity mixes. This work also involved investigating methods for analysing data with suspected non-ignorable missing data mechanisms and how the missingness can influence the conclusions made about performance indicators of interest when not accounted for.

More recently Jamie has completed a project as a Research Associate at the Centre for Medical Statistics and Health Evaluation, University of Liverpool. This research looked at investigating outcome reporting bias (ORB) in trials contained within Cochrane Systematic Reviews. He is a statistician on the Adverse Drug Reaction in Children Research Programme with the Medicines for Children Research Network Clinical Trials Research Unit at Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust. As part of his ongoing work and research interests, he is currently investigating methods of performance monitoring and early signal detection techniques for adverse drug reactions. His teaching duties include a wide variety of statistical courses for postgraduate students and NHS health care professionals.