Prof Paula Williamson


Prof Paula Williamson is Director of the Centre for Medical Statistics and Health Evaluation at the Clinical Trials Research Centre of the University of Liverpool. Her research activities are focused on the development and application of statistical methodology to inform the evidence base for NHS priorities.
In 2008 Professor Williamson led a successful bid for an MRC North West Hub for Trial Methodology Research (NWHTMR). The mission is to create a world-class centre where methodological issues facing the clinical trials community can be investigated, the overall aim being to improve patient care by improving the validity and relevance of the healthcare evidence base. Drug safety remains an important issue for all stakeholders, and represents a cross-cutting theme in this initiative. The NWHTMR will be key in tackling the methodological issues associated with assessing harm and developing interventions to reduce the burden of adverse drug reactions.
Professor Williamson has been Associate Director of the NIHR Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) and Director of the MCRN Clinical Trials Unit since 2005. The MCRN CTU has been awarded major trial grant funding to evaluate the efficacy and safety of paediatric medicines.
In 2008, she was appointed to the Secretary of State for Transport’s Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Driving and Disorders of the Nervous System.










Prof Williamson was Co-Investigator to the ADRIC Programme, member of both the ADRIC Steering Committee and the Systematic Review Steering Group.