Dr Rebecca MD Smyth

 Rebecca originally trained as a nurse and midwife in the 1980’s.  She left clinical midwifery to embark on a research career beginning at the University of Leicester where she worked as a research midwife on the ORACLE Trial.  She was then involved in a qualitative investigation into clinical midwifery education with the University of Surrey.  Rebecca’s next research post was jointly with the Universities of Oxford and Liverpool, working with the MAGPIE collaborative group. Rebecca is a qualified Bayleys Scales of Infant Development Assessor and performed the developmental assessments on the children in the UK for MAGPIE, and more recently for an ongoing trial (AMNIPROM).  Rebecca has worked for the Cochrane Collaboration Pregnancy and Childbirth Group and has undertaken systematic reviews in a wide variety of pregnancy and childbirth related topics. Rebecca’s PhD focused on increasing trialists’ knowledge of pregnant women’s perceptions regarding trial involvement, with the aim of improving future trials and participant experience. Her current interests are in systematic reviews, outcome reporting bias, and qualitative studies of the views of participants in trials. She applies these interests primarily in maternal and child health. She is a senior systematic reviewer for the Adverse Drug Reaction in Children Research Programme with the Medicines for Children Research Network Clinical Trials Research Unit at Alder Hey.




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